Let the party begin ...

Welcome to the Purple Party – the world’s most colorful new political movement!

The Purple Party is a new party for a new millennium. It aims to be a social movement — starting here and now, on the Internet — for caring people who are sad about all the terrible things happening on this planet, but still have hope for humanity and believe our world can become a better place.

Primary objective: for the historic moment when humanity can rejoice in living sustainably and equitably on a post-military planet to be realised within the 21st century.

Major political parties around the world have lost their way. And their sway. They have little meaning or relevance as they seem blind to the potential for basing societies on the simple ideals of love and kindness instead of selfishness and hatred. They have such narrow focuses and can't see beyond the battlefields on which they struggle for power and squabble over irrelevant, outdated ideological allegiances such as Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Labor.

The Purple Party seeks a return to basic human values and aspirations. Peace. Love. Understanding. Kindness. A generosity of spirit. A desire for all beings everywhere to be happy.

People with love in their hearts cannot do horrible things. Why are so many sickening crimes against humanity – and against all forms of life – constantly happening all over this magnificent blue-green planet? It doesn't make sense.

This world deserves better. We deserve better. We can do better, for others and ourselves. The Purple Party is a new beginning. If there's love and hope in your heart, and a desire for peace and happiness for everyone, then please consider becoming part of a new international social and political movement — the Purple Party. Imagine that.

The Purple Party is now on MySpace.


Let's get this party started ...